Quilter’s Wonder – M&S 80/20 Cotton Polyester Batting

The 80/20 cotton polyester batting has a two-fold advantage; with a heavier percentage of cotton, this batting quilts and drapes like normal cotton battings. Smaller percentage of polyester makes the batting crease resistant. Being needle-punched with scrim provides it with great strength and makes it an excellent choice for long-arm quilters. This batting is ideal for both hand and machine quilting. It is machine washable and non-allergic. This high quality 150 GSM batting is 96″ wide.

Major Features:

  • 80/20 Cotton Polyester Blend.
  • Soft & Eco Friendly
  • Best for Quilting & Other Special Craft Projects
  • Excellent for Machine / Hand Quilting
  • Maintains Loft
  • Needles wonderfully
  • Needle punched with scrim binder
  • Maximum distance between stitches: 8″-10″

Advantages of Cotton Polyester Batting:

  • Cotton is a natural product that breathes, allowing access heat to move away from the body as one uses it
  • Cotton batting gets softer with age and use
  • Cotton batting does not bread (“Breading” occurs when batting fibers come out through the quilt top or backing). This preserves the look of your quilt for very long time
  • Cotton battings are very good choice for wall-hangings. The quilts hang nicely and there is no drooping
  • Polyester is a strong and flexible material which when added to cotton increases its resistance to wear and tear.
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