Quilter’s Wonder – M&S 80/20 Cotton Polyester Fusible Batting

Quilting is great fun but at times can also be a very time-consuming process. This inconvenience can be overcome by using M&S Textiles premium quality double-sided fusible (or iron-on) batting. This batting is same as the 80/20 Cotton Polyester batting, the only difference being that it has a fusible resin bonded on its surface. When heated to a certain level, this fusible resin melts and sticks to the surface of the fabric which eliminates the need for pinning or basting the batting with fabric. The process is simple. Just put the batting between your fabrics and iron it for a few seconds. This 150 GSM excellent batting may have 3-5% shrinkage and width of 96″.

Major Features:
  • 80/20 Cotton Polyester Blend
  • Double-sided fusible batting
  • Soft & Eco Friendly
  • Best for Quilting & Other Special Craft Projects
  • Excellent for Machine / Hand Quilting
  • Maintains Loft
  • Needles wonderfully
  • Needle punched with scrim binder
  • Maximum distance between stitches: 8″-10″
Advantages of Cotton Polyester Fusible (Iron-On) Batting:
  • Fusible batting makes it easy to press all 3 layers of quilt at the same time
  • It eliminates the need for quilt basting sprays, pins or tracks
  • Quilts can be used in a fraction of the time with beautiful and masterful results

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