Quilter’s Wonder – M&S 100% Super Washed Wool Batting in Australia

Quilters often consider wool batting to be the best for their quilts. The reason is that wool is renewable and sustainable natural fibre. Wool is warm and breathable, making it a great choice for bedding quilts. Our high quality super washed wool is machine-washable and will not make felt. Each hair of wool is composed of scales.  Process of felting occurs when these scales bind together.  Super washed wool undergoes special processing to remove scales and hence prevents felting. Our wool batting is ideal for both hand-quilting and machine quilting. It is super-soft and drapes wonderfully. The scrim binder gives it necessary toughness. This superior standard batting is 150 GSM with 3-5% shrinkage and can take maximum distance of 8″ – 10″ between stitches. Our wool battings are 91″ wide.

Major Features:

  • High Quality 100% Super-washed Wool
  • Soft & Eco Friendly
  • Best for Quilting & Other Special Craft Projects
  • Excellent for Machine / Hand Quilting
  • Maintains Loft
  • Needles wonderfully
  • Maximum distance between stitches: 8″-10″

Advantages of Wool Batting:

  • Wool battings are easy to sew through and hence are excellent choice for hand quilters
  • Wool is 100% non-allergic
  • A natural product, wool is biodegradable and can be recycled easily
  • Wool can absorb moisture without feeling wet.  This will keep the quilt comfortable even on humid days
  • Due to its moisture retention property, wool is more fire resistant than other materials
  • Unlike other materials which get flatter with use, wool will remain fluffy.  As its fibers are kinked, wool springs back beautifully when it is compressed.

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