Quilter’s Wonder – M&S 100% Polyester Batting

Wonderful  100% bonded polyester quilt batting is ideal for machine quilting.  A major feature of this batting is its high loftiness.  This makes it ideal for tied quilts, comforters and will give a fluffy appearance to the finished product.  This batting is ultra soft and drapes beautifully.  This superior polyester batting comes in 96″ width and is 150 GSM.

Major Features:

  • 100% Polyester Batting with Scrim Binder
  • Soft & Eco Friendly
  • Best for Quilting & Other Special Craft Projects
  • Excellent for Machine / Hand Quilting
  • Maintains Loft
  • Needles wonderfully
  • Maximum distance between stitches: 8″-10″

Advantages of Polyester Batting:

  • Ideal for making light-weight quilts
  • Polyester quilts are easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Our polyester batting has a high loft which gives soft and fluffy feeling to the quilt
  • Affordable price
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