Wrens & Eucalyptus Mauve by Patricia weeks



Superb fairy wrens are widely known as Blue Wren. These are frequently seen in Australian parks and gardens. They are fond of open grassy areas where they can hop around, collect their foods and build their nests. At present, the number of these beautiful birds is diminishing as a result of possibly cats is preying on them or pesticides poisoning their foods. Adult male birds have rich blue and black plumage above and on the throat. The belly is a grey-white and the bill is black. The female and baby birds are often difficult to separate. They are mostly brown above with dull red-orange area around the eye and brown bill. Average size of the birds is 14cm and weighs about 10grams. There are several other spices of Blue Wrens available in Australia. They live in dome-shaped nest made up of grass and other materials. Blue Wrens have long tails and is always upward. Patricia skillfully pictured in her artwork

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