Polyester – Corroboree Brown by Donna Mcnamara


Composition: 100% Polyester

Fabric Width: 150 cm

Weight: 100g/m²


The Corroboree is a ceremonial gathering of Aboriginal people. There are some strict unwritten regulations which attendees have to follow. At corroboree, Aboriginals interact with Dreamtime ancestors through dance, music, costumes and body decorations. Outside guests are not permitted to attend these ceremonies without the elder’s permission.

One type of corroboree does cover all social needs. There are corroborees for various purposes such as education for children’s learning, death of a person, initiation, and others. Dance is an integral part of Aboriginal culture. It includes stories of the ancestral beings who are the creators of the universe. Dancing is learned at an early age.

Corroborees have religious connotations to relate individuals with ancestral beings. Although the attendees and organizers are responsible people, they must get final clearance from the elders. Nobody is ever allowed to make any unpleasant comment on the participants or performers.

Donne McNamarra’s a very skillful and ardent designer. Her artwork is neat and vivid. It shows people are coming from various directions to attend corroboree. Bush foods such as Witchetty grubs, honey ants, bush fruits, etc. are available in the area. People are coming and sitting around the round corroboree area. Donna’s artwork is brilliant, vibrant and simply wonderful.

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