Ladies Dancing at Ceremony Purple by Margaret Wallace

Composition: 100% Cotton

Fabric Width: 110 cm


Margaret Wallace is a well-known artist. Her works are neat and attractive. Her works are always chased by art lovers. She depicted the dancing ladies beautifully. In her work, some of the ladies are carrying digging sticks and coolamons. When they get tired, they start collecting bush tucker to eat. They usually clean the area and sit down to eat the bush fruits for lunch. In the middle of the resting area, they sit down or place their accessories such as a singing sticks or other personal accessories.

Women are respected and play a vital role in all the ceremonies. Communal gatherings and ceremonies are very common in all groups. These ceremonies are treated with respect and they make offerings to their ancestors. Women often apply paints of their dreams as communal offerings to their bodies. They sing and perform a ceremonial dance. Margaret has depicted this very clearly in this artwork. The ‘U’ shaped structure in the artwork represents women and their gathering at the ceremony. The dots in front of them shows a dancing track where they perform the ceremony.

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