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Kookaburra Grey by Samantha James


Australian Kookaburra is the largest bird in the kingfisher family. These are mainly found in eastern Australia. They measure 40 to 45 cm height, white or cream colour on their body and head with a dark brown stripe through each age. The wings and back are brown with blue spots on the wings. Kookaburras have large head, a small neck and a medium length tail. ‘Laughing Kookaburra’, the name comes from their most famous feature the loud, boisterous “laugh”, which is often heard at dawn in the bush. In Australia, Kookaburras are also popularly known as ‘Laughing Jackass’. Breeding time of Kookaburras is from August to January. They usually lay one to five eggs. Most of the birds live in family units and they live in one place for most of their lives. In Tasmania, they live in forests, woodlands and on plains. It is one of the mostly loved birds in Australia. Our koori Aboriginal Artist Samantha James has depicted the bird in the habitat boldly and colorfully. “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, Merry, Merry king of the bush Laugh kookaburra Laugh kookaburra as your life must be” There are numerous rhymes, lyrics on Kookaburra.

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