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Bush Tucker Dreaming Grey by Audrey Martin Napanangka


Traditionally Aboriginal people are hunters and gathers. They are very good understanding about plants, animals and natural resources. They maintained unhindered relationship with land. Australian Aboriginal people never spoiled the land by collecting bush tucker for hoarding i.e. collecting more than their needs.

Audrey Martin Napanangka is a very good artist. She belongs to Yuendumu group of artists. Her depiction of Bush Tucker namely Witchetty Grubs, Honey Ants, Bush Beans, Seeds etc. are excellent and very neat. Three articles in the circles are women, digging sticks, coolamon (tray to store food). The rain serpent is a common motif in Aboriginal artworks. When a rainbow is sighted in the sky, it is said that the serpent is moving from one waterhole to another. For this reason, some waterholes get never dried. The rainbow snake is guarding her eggs from outside danger. This colorful and neat drawings of Bush Tucker make Audrey’s work excellent.

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