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Bush Tucker After Rain Green by Marlene Doolan


Marlene Doolan is a neat, bold and experienced artist. Her use of color is excellent. Most of her designs which we printed on fabrics are very popular. Marlene comes from a well-known artistic family in Northern Territory. Northern Territory is an arid and semi-arid zone in Australia. Total rainfall in this area is low and irregular. However, when it rains for a short period, within a few days the area will burst into colorful flowers almost everywhere. During this period plenty of bush tucker will be available. Marlene Doolan, being a skillful artist very meticulously depicted the story of the bush tuckers in her artwork. Just to mention some of the tuckers (food) are bush beans, bush potato, bush tomato, wild apricots, bush plum and many more. Marlene Doolan’s Bush Tucker after Rain will be liked by most fabric lovers.

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