Akuna Dreaming Red by Agnes Rubuntja

Composition: 100% Cotton

Fabric Width: 110 cm


Agnes Rubuntja is a skilled Aboriginal designer. She learnt much of the artwork from her father, who was a good artist as well as a respected community leader. Colour combinations of the petals and flowers are excellent.

When she was young, Agnes used to collect bush tuckers. She travelled around nearby bush and waterholes for swimming, to get bush tucker. She was always interested in painting and worked hard to become a good artist. In this artwork, she beautifully highlighted about the water. The dots resemble waterholes and the lines in between them resemble snakes. Snakes are guarding the water in the waterholes so that no one can spoil or steal the water. People give respect and talk to the snakes regarding their requirement for water. There is a connection between guarding snakes and people.

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