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Mirram Mirram Aka Red Wide by Nambooka

This Fabric is 58/59" Wide [gallery link="file" ids="3131,3129,3127"] Dreamtime: Bea Edwards is also known as Nambooka. She was taught by her grandmother. She belongs to indigenous language group of Pyemmairrener. Bea was born in Tasmania and currently she lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria. Nambooka is almost a household name in Patchwork and Quilting industry in Australia and...
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Meeting Places Black Wide by Josie Cavanagh

This Fabric is 58/59" Wide [gallery link="file" ids="3237,3239,3238"] Dreamtime: Meeting places are very important in Aboriginal culture. Elders and other meet together to discuss the well being of the community. All these gatherings address one or the other interactive insights into the traditional skills, ancient stories and day to day life of the Aboriginal people. The heads of...
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Bambillah Wide by Nambooka

This Fabric is 58/59" Wide [gallery link="none" ids="3874,3915"]   Dreamtime: Bambillah has been designed by Nambooka for M&S Textiles Australia. It is a very popular design. Nambooka has depicted the flying glider at night which is a symbol of strength. The pattern successfully portrays the spiritual world in the eyes of native Australians. Nambooka is a well-known designer in...
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Bush Banana Wide by Donna Abbots

This Fabric is 58/59" Wide [gallery link="file" ids="3882,3904"]   Dreamtime: Bush Banana is a climbing woody vine found growing on other shrubs and trees. Its flowers are creamy in colour. The thick narrow leaves grow from a short stock, and fruits are pear shaped.Bush Banana is widely distributed throughout Australia. Often vines are found growing in dry creek beds...
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