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Portfolio Tag: Purple

Spirit Dreaming Purple by Anette Doolan

[gallery link="file" ids="4501,4500"]   Dreamtime: Indigenous Australians are one among the native people on earth with traditions and customs going back to approx. 50000 years. Their belief system is built on their value & respect towards the land and the dreamtime. Though their dreaming about land changes between different groups, the idea of creation from their ancestors, stays...
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Men and Women Hunting Purple by Kerry Pearce

[gallery link="file" ids="4338,4340"]   Dreamtime: Indigenous people of Australia hunt and fetch their food from various sources came from the bush, the land and the sea. They use Bush Tucker such as Bush Banana, Bush Berries, Bush Plums etc. as their diet. They also hunt in the wild for wild animals. Men hunt Kangaroo with various...
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Butterfly Dance Dreaming Purple by Joey Waitairie

[gallery link="file" ids="4334,4332"] Dreamtime: Aboriginal people explains the spirituality of life in the from the stories of Dreaming. They explain the stories of creation, spiritual & physical aspects of life. In many cultures, Butterflies, represent the cycle of life (i.e. birth, death and transformation). Joey Waitairie, a well-known artist from the grounds of Victoria, is a good...
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Sandy Creek Purple by Janet Long Nakamarra

[gallery link="file" ids="4093,4094"] Dreamtime: Sandy Creek is a beautiful place in Northern Territory of Australia. Many people visit this place every year to see a wonderful waterfall called Tjanera Fall. There are some Aboriginals who interact with tourists, telling Dreamtime Stories and involving them in the timber cutting activities. Janet Long Nakamarra is an experienced and intelligent designer....
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