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Portfolio Tag: Olive Green

Rebirth Butterfly Spirits Olive Green by Heather Kennedy

[gallery link="file" ids="4343,4341"]   Dreamtime: Butterflies represent the cycle of life and they clearly explain the concept of transformation. In many cultures, butterflies are often compared with various stages of human life explained in spiritual manner. In many cultures, Butterflies, represent the cycle of life (i.e. birth, death and transformation). Heather Kennedy is an experienced and skilful indigenous...
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Honey Ants Olive-Green by Dick Brown

[gallery link="file" ids="2647,2646"] Dreamtime: Honey Ants are unique in using their own bodies as living storage, but they have more functionality than just storing food. Some store liquids, body fat and water from insect prey brought to them by worker ants. Honey ants can later serve as a food source for their fellow ants when food is...
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