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Untitled Neutral by Nambooka

[gallery link="file" ids="2818,2815,2812,2809,2808,2807"] Dreamtime: Aboriginal artist Nambooka, being skillful and well-known, made an excellent pattern with the crosswire. Nambooka has been almost a household name with the quilters. She is bold and colorful designer. Many of Nambooka’s designs are very well accepted by craft lovers and art enthusiasts. Her ‘Untitled’ artwork is brilliant, soothing and extraordinary....
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Kangaroo 2 Neutral by Samantha James

[gallery link="file" ids="2693,2692"]   Dreamtime: Kangaroos are unique to Australia. They are largest marsupial surviving on earth. They are often found in both arid areas of open plain as well as in the dense forest land. Kangaroo got a pouch to carry baby Kangaroo. They are well known for their movement, hopping on their hind legs whilst using...
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Dropping Seeds Neutral by Roseanne Morton

[gallery link="file" ids="2577,2576,2575"] Dreamtime: Utopia is an area of plum trees. There are abundant of plum trees and plum seeds almost everywhere. Most of the Aboriginal inhabitant makes very tasty big bread from the plum seed powder. According to them it is one of the tastiest bread to eat. Roseanne Morton, being a very skillful artist imagined...
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