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Portfolio Tag: Blue

Brolga Dreaming Blue by Nambooka

[gallery link="none" ids="4678,4677,4679"] Dreamtime:Brolga is the name of an amazing dancing bird, which belongs to the crane family. The Brolga’s elaborate dancing performances are partly for their own pleasure and partly a mating ritual. Female brolgas are easily distinguished from their male counterparts by their trumpeting sound while dancing. Aboriginal people have immortalised their graceful steps...
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Gathering by the River Blue by Barbara Egan

[gallery link="file" ids="4491,4493"]   Dreamtime: Aboriginal people are regarded as the land owners of Australia. Their respect towards land is considered to be more than a place. They respect every mountain, river, waterhole, tree, animal etc. and they consider them as a part of their living. Aboriginal ancestors are believed to be the creators of all the land...
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Body Painting 2 Blue by Anna Pitjara

[gallery link="file" ids="4479,4538"]   Dreamtime: Aboriginal Culture is in existence for many thousands of years. Aborigines portray their ancient culture and spiritual significance by painting their bodies with designs and motifs. These motifs explain their family group, tribe, dreaming, totems etc. and vary by tribes and country (geographical location). In the Aboriginal Culture, rituals and ceremonies are a constant...
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