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Batting is the heart of quilt.  You spend a lot of money and time on fabrics to make a quilt.  Fabric selection, cutting and stitching smaller shapes into blocks takes enormous skill and time.  Then comes the harder part of selecting the heart of the quilt.  This is the material which goes between two layers of fabrics – the batting.  Good quilt depends on good batting.

M&S Textiles invests a lot of time and effort to ensure that quilters get the highest quality battings which can add to the beauty of the quilt.  Our years of experience in industry and strict quality control measures ensures that our quilters receive top quality battings at more affordable prices.

M&S Textiles currently supplies 2 types of battings (click on any of the batting names to view further details):

Code Batting Availability
MSBC 100% Cotton Only in Australia
MSBCP 80/20 Cotton Polyester Only in Australia
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